CAMPER Ous Kids 80312


  • Product type Sandals
  • Shop City
  • Season Spring/Summer
  • Manufacture Vietnam
  • Ref 52912
  • Upper/Ankle Synthetics
  • Lining Textile
  • Insole Textile
  • Outer sole Rubber
  • Construction Welded

*Recommended Retail Price in Spring/Summer 2012


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Camper represents a century of history for a family that has dedicated the whole of its working life to the shoe industry. In 1877, Antonio Fluxà set up the first modern shoe factory on the Spanish island of Majorca.

The Camper brand was born in 1975 when Lorenzo Fluxà, Antonio's grandson, decided to bring the manufacturing techniques up to step with the latest technological developments.

And so the brand, the heir of the changing lifestyle in 1970s Spain, was nourished and grew around the new concepts of freedom, comfort and creativity. The secret of Camper's success is the marriage of traditional expertise and modern design.

Camper shoes draw their inspiration from the Mediterranean culture that created them and from the urban lifestyle of their target market. Now, thirty years on, Camper is present in around forty countries with a hundred boutiques and over three thousand multi-brand stores. Quality, comfort and creativity still underpin Camper shoes.

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