Blackstone began in 1992 in the Netherlands when a family of shoemakers came together to build the brand which, at the time, produced solid work shoes. Handmade with exceptional quality, Blackstone shoes are distinguished by the use of exquisite leather and carefully selected materials. Gradually, Blackstone turned into the brand we know today. The brand keeps its love of handmade work and flawless, quality finishes but continues to evolve the style. More fashionable and more current, Blackstone shoes still remain strong and comfortable—they’re really made to last! The winter collections are often fur-lined to keep your feet warm even in the worst weather. The summer collections include shoes, shoe boots, and sandals crafted from the finest leathers. Women and children are not left out—Blackstone dedicates some of its collections to tem with heeled biker boots, summer boots…everyone will find something suited to his or her taste. Aim for quality, aim for fasion…aim for the essential with Blackstone!

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