Björn Borg

Who doesn’t know Björn “Mr. Cool” Borg? Between 1974 and 1981, the gifted tennis player won 11 Grand Slam titles! Regarded by many as the greatest tennis player of all time, Björn Borg was also the first “rock star” of the court. His unique style of strength, grace, and skill intimidated his opponents and earned him the nickname “Ice Man,” especially fitting for a Swede! Today, Björn Borg can relax after his past exploits and has decided to use his reputation to create his own brand name! Clothing, underwear, and of course shoes all stem from Björn Borg’s creativity. Björn Borg shoes are strongly influenced by their creator’s sporting past, and the trainers come in all shapes and colours—as long as they are trendy! Björn Borg also offers more “traditional” models for men and women, but his styles always have a distinct fashion element. Fashionistas make no mistake when adopting Björn Borg shoes, the latest sensation from "Mr. Cool!"

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