Billtornade has been dressing artists since 1977, when the Ronez brothers were only 20 years old. It was then that they embarked on the Billtornade project, a label which imposed its vision of chic avant-garde in the French society. Billtornade, is originally, a famous cowboy of the 50s, an evocation of a carefree childhood and a taste for adventure. This stance has enabled the brand to take a place on the stage of some the largest venues in Paris: Lio, Alain Chamfort, Plastic Bertrand and a young Julien Clerc were among the first customers of the brand. Billtornade gradually became a reference in show-biz and the label took on the international market in the 90s. At the same time, the brand opened its first shop on in Paris with the most diverse range of avant-garde fashion. Billtornade shoes meet the requirements of customers eager for new fashion, elegance, modern rock and affluent chic. Billtornade offer a range of different shoes including patent loafers, unlaced trainers and urban mocasins which work as well on the street as on the catwalk. The Billtornade shoes are cherished among fashion insiders, and represent a French high-end brand, which is both contemporary and timeless.

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