Women's Bensimon canvas shoulder bag with 2 straps and a flat pocket at the front. Large zip fastening. A fun bag simply bursting with colour — the perfect match for all your Bensimon tennis shoes! We love its fresh, trendy look and its generous sizing. Bensimon is now held up as a yardstick more than ever before, both for its sense of style and the exceptional practicality of its creations.

  • Product type Handbags
  • Shop Casual
  • Season Spring/Summer
  • Manufacture China
  • 31 x 42 x 16 cm
  • Ref 16850
  • Upper/Ankle Synthetics
  • Lining Not Lined
  • Construction Injected

*Recommended Retail Price in Spring/Summer 2011


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Bensimon: everyday designs that have kept pace with the latest trends for 25 years. Inspired by army canvas sneakers, Serge Bensimon created the Bensimon tennis shoe which was immediately adopted by the fashion world. Ever since, Bensimon trainers have become an absolute must-have in the wardrobes of men and women across the world.

Years of selective distribution and creative marketing have made this shoe a classic. Celebrities and it-girls alike have all incorporated the little canvas shoe into their glamorous and enviable style, and icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Marceau, Jane Birkin and Naomi Watts have contributed to the brand’s iconic history.

Despite being copied by other brands, Bensimon remains unique in the market. Its plimsoles are both glamorous and functional, simple and sophisticated, luxurious yet accessible, humble but legendary. Bensimon is the quintessence of French elegance and simplicity, and its chic, universal and timeless creations have made it a fashion staple with all generations.

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