It wasn’t hard to create a buzz around the French made BSIDED espadrilles. These revolutionary, playful accessories challenge our conception of summary shoes! The Bsided espadrilles can be defined as ‘artificial trainers’. Look closely. They have laces…or do they? Don’t worry it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you. The BSIDED espadrilles are the last creation of the French graphics artist ‘Socko’, also known as Stéphane Bucco’. A fiber rope sole, the Bsided espadrilles take on several forms ensuring all preferences and tastes are catered for. You’ll find bright colourful bumble bee espadrilles or simpler black and white models; sporty or elegant models; modern or subtly retro models. The BSIDED espadrilles are fun and great for a spirit free filled summer - Just ask BSIDED’s number one fan - the wonderfully stylish singer ‘Marie Flore’.

Do you love BSIDED as much as we do?

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