Atelier Mercadal

Atelier Mercadal completely sprang from Marie-Laure Mercadal. Born in Asia and an Eastern languages lover, she spent some time in Hong-Kong where she studied trade and business at her father’s company. Corsican to the core, she was living in Paris at the pace of great capital cities when she created her own accessory line in 1998. Atelier Mercadal is skilfully styled with sobriety and femininity, with strictness and softness, with elegance and nonchalance. Once a shoe shop, it now multiplies creations from boots to flats, from heels to evening open toe shoes. And successful are the famous jewel sandals inspired from Marie-Laure’s several trips to Asia. Atelier Mercadal recently left for Italy where the most beautiful skins are turned into amazing shoes by craftsmen and for France where workshops shelter the new bag collection called Laura. An amazing and upscale line illustrating all qualities and know-how of the Mercadal house.

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